Bragging Rights.

I fell in love with this Big Sky Alpaca color palette dreamed up by Purl B Soho. Limey-yellows and neutrals? Mmm, so good. $91 for seven skeins? Ooh, not so hot.


I put on my thinking cap, and did a hunt for similar color and construction. Voilà! A Lion Brand cotton switch-out + an add from my stash = a $53 dollar savings. Granted, I do miss that lovely cool, mid-tone gray (BSA “Sleep”), but can learn to live without it—especially when I’m so super happy with the overall color range, and my budget is so thrilled with the bottom line.

Today, it’s a color coup!

(Penny jar image courtesy of Pinterest–sadly, a broken link!)


3 thoughts on “Bragging Rights.

  1. This is the one thing I wish more social sites offered were comparisons on value yarn. Yes I absolutely believe in supporting my LYS and fine yarn makers but sometimes a girl needs a budget friendly option to get a project done 🙂

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